Chest X-Ray lateral Decubitus view, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

26 Oct 2022

Chest X-Ray lateral Decubitus view, Preparation, Procedure, and the Requirements

A chest lateral decubitus x-ray is a radiograph of the thoracic cavity to assess the volume of pleural fluid and loculated pleural effusion or mobile.


The physician will recommend that you undergo this examination to identify any minimal pleural effusion or its mobility. Especially we are doing this view to obtain the following:

* Pneumothorax

* Suspected Minimal pleural effusion either on the right or left side of thoracic

Patient preparation

* No preparation is needed. You should wear loose-fitting clothing.

* Inform X-Ray Technician/ Radiologist/Doctor in the case of a pregnancy.

Patient positioning

* To obtain with the patient lying on their side, for Pneumothorax the side of interest should be up and for pleural effusion, the side of interest should be down.

* The patients are lying down in a lateral position facing toward the x-ray tube and the image receptor are placed on the back side of the thorax.

* Both legs are flexed forward using a cushion to stabilize the position.

* The arms of the patient are extended over the head to prevent overlapping the sternum.

* The patient is instructed to breathe out and hold while the exposure is taken.

Technical factors

Chest lateral decubitus(right or left side)

For a lateral projection, the chest landmark used for locating the center of the lung fields is at the T7 level (mid-thorax) or IR passing mid of the sternum

Imaging technique

* Film size:

The film size is 14 x 17 inches (30 x 40 cm) crosswise or lengthwise, depending on the physique of the patient.

* Orientation

Landscape or portrait

* Exposure

1. 100-110 kVp

2. 4-12 mAs


  150 cm

* Grid



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